“The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.”


Our Story

At the Law Offices of Kathleen K. Dong, we seek to change the negative narrative around divorce and family law within our communities so that families can make healthier decisions without shame, guilt or blame.


Our  mission is  to help families through difficult life transitions with harmony, dignity and respect for all involved.

Our vision is to promote healthier  families, communities and society as a whole. We strive  to touch  as many lives as possible through the practice of family law with compassion, integrity, and deep caring  for all clients.


We take a values-guided approach to family law and firmly believe this model can result in more solid choices for the good of everyone involved in the separation and divorce process.  Specifically, we value integrity, empowerment, healthy families and communities, education, impact, harmony, and compassion.

Why Choose Us

We value healthy separation and honor its impact on each individual in the family system.

We demonstrate integrity by communicating straightforwardly and truthfully, doing our best to uphold our personal and professional values, morals, and ethics in all our interactions. We request the same transparency in return from our clients.

When clients come to us in a challenging situation, we strive to give them hope. We encourage and empower them to take charge of their life so that they can continue moving forward.

We do more than just advocate for our clients. We also educate them on legal procedures, and provide resources for longer term skills such as parenting, self-management, and financial know-how. Without education, ignorance creates anxiety, then you have no room for compassion and consideration.

We believe in the butterfly effect, where one parent starts doing the right thing and it has a ripple effect on the whole family. In short, healthy families make for healthy communities.

We value harmony in the process between clients and attorneys/staff, working together as a team to bring harmony to families, through health and education. By helping families, we debunk the common misconception that once parties are separated, there will always be conflict.

We seek to demonstrate understanding and compassion for everyone: towards clients, towards their family members, towards one another, and towards ourselves. We frequently encourage clients to take the high road in seeking resolution, for the best possible outcome for all involved.

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